Heslington Pre-School is an Ofsted-registered (No. 321542), Committee run pre-school situated in the village of Heslington in the City of York.  Our childcare staff are experienced and highly-qualified, and are committed to providing a friendly and fun learning environment.  We are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (No. 22888).  Heslington Pre-School is a Registered Charity (No. 1018521).

Heslington Pre-School opened in 1964 as a playgroup in the community.  It has been operating since with a succession of dedicated committees.  Since 2001 it has operated in one room on a site shared with Lord Deramore's, a thriving multi-cultural primary school.  The Pre-School has access to its own outdoor play area.  There is also some access to the School's outdoor facilities, including extensive green open space and wooded areas.  

Latest Ofsted rating - Good! -  read the report from the Inspection on 12th September 2018

***Please note Heslington Pre-school is currently in temporary accommodation at Heslington Church.***
See below for more information

Friday 30th November 2018

Next week - Monday 3rd December.

Toddlers will not be running in the pre-school portacabin but temporary accommodation at Lord Deramore's Primary School School Hall.


Friday 30th November 2018

Yesterday we had a leak in the roof of the portacabin which caused one of the lighting circuits to fail. An electrician was requested to attend who made sure the portacabin was safe to use. During this visit, it was found that there is a large collection of water on the portacabin roof. The root of the leak has still yet to be identified.

For safeguarding reasons, temporary accommodation has been organised. Next week a roof structural survey is to be undertaken to assure us that the portacabin is safe to use.

Pre-school will be operating from Heslington Church until we can safely open again within the portacabin. We'll keep you updated.

Pre-school at Church on Friday

There will be no Stay and Play hour on Monday morning (3rd December 2018) to those that were invited - we will re-organise once the children are back in their normal play environment.

Any questions please get in touch. We'll update you when we have more information next week.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


See request below:


Monday 12th November 2018

Leaf Bonanza!

Check out the leaf pictures on our Facebook page. Leaf

Hanging leaf


Thursday 8th November 2018

New high vis jackets


Wednesday 7th November 2018

Today's antics. The new path makes a great blackboard.

See our Facebook page for all photo's: click here!

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Bottle decorating has started!!

Please see letter that has been sent home for details.


Sunday 4th November 2018

Pre-school is back open tomorrow 8.55am.

We had a lovely time on our trip at the end of term - see the photo attached of what the children made to say thank you.

See you in the morning!


Thursday 25th October 2018

Today's trip to church!

See our Facebook page for all the photo's.


Monday 15th October 2018

We all went on the 66 bus this morning and enjoyed toast at the Campus East Piazza!

Thank you to all the kind staff and thoughtful bus drivers!

See our Facebook page for all photo's: click here!

More trips planned:

Next Thursday morning the children will have a walk to see the trees changing colour in the grounds around Heslington church. It is planned that we will also pop in to see the inside of the church too!

The staff team

N.b. We are fully staffed for the trip and do not require helpers.


Thursday 11th October 2018

Many thanks to Jo Reynolds our Toddlers coordinator for our new bench!

It has been put to good use one morning this week!!!


Tuesday 9th October 2018

Ofsted report published:

Good afternoon

We just wanted to share with you that the latest Ofsted inspection report has been published today and is now available on the Ofsted website. The outcome of the inspection on the 12th September 2018 rated us as Good, please see the full report for more information.

We will be holding a meeting this Thursday morning at 9am at the portakabin if you have any questions, staff and members of the committee will be available.

Thank you

Latest report!


Thursday 4th October 2018

Potato rolling!

Yesterday we got some new trays in pre-school. The children enjoyed rolling potatoes in paint around the trays to create lovely unique pictures.


***AGM Tuesday 25th September 7pm at Pre-School***


First Week back - Wednesday 5th September 2018


Welcome back to pre-school.

We are all settling in as gradually children will join us for the next few weeks.

We have a super NEW outdoor kitchen many thanks to Linda Dawson for constructing it for us! And a basket hoop!!


Monday 25th June 2018

Tie dye t-shirts

The children have got their tie dye t-shirts on ready to take home. The children folded and tied their own t-shirt ready to be dyed. We would like to say a big thank you to Natasha for dying them for us! The children get to keep their t-shirts and if you would like to give a £1 voluntary donation to cover costs, a tin will be on the table at morning drop off!

Thank you!


Sunday 24th June 2018

See what we were up to last week....

- Outdoor playbox time!

- And our life cycle wall display is starting to be created.

Don't forget suncream and sunhats this coming week - it looks like we are going to have some lovely hot weather!!

Wednesday 13th June 2018

What are the children up to?

We are dye..in to tell you next week!


Friday 8th June 2018

Caterpillars have arrived this week and we have been busy potting them. We'll be watching their life cycle over the coming weeks!

Look back at this week..

The children have been reading and looking at the book Superworm this week. Superworm is super long!


Friday 18th May 2018

The table was set!

The children had a royal wedding day!
More photos to follow.....

17th May 2018

We are using lots of numbers and singing at Pre-school this week, this leaflet shows some of the themes we play with.

Also many thanks to Laura for plants for the children to pot up for our front outside.


10th May 2018

Thank you to the family who brought a little snail in to show the children!

We are adding a few colouring sheets and a look at numbers to continue the children's interest.

6th May 2018

Look at what we have we been doing and what we have planned next week....

We have been recycling milk cartons to make cress chicks! The children have been learning and looking at how things grow! This will continue next week...

We have also been looking at how real dinosaurs lived along time ago and what we can see today.

We'll be making dinosaur footprints in play dough just like fossil prints!

See you all Tuesday 8th May. We are closed Monday due to the Bank Holiday. Enjoy the sun!!!

Reminder - 1st May 2018

Just a reminder - Please do return your places forms as soon as possible! Places will be allocated before the half term in May as we have more admissions coming in!


25th April 2018

What have we been up to....

The children have seen the tree outside our door and we made a blossom tree just like it!

What we are doing this week -  w/c 16th April 2018:

- We are s
inging to the tune of 5 currant buns about daffodils and painting and making them using our art skills.

- Junk modelling epic structures being formed.

- Thinking about 'What I do and like at Pre-School' - everything from construction, outdoor play, drawing, messy play, the pony set... to having an interest in the windows!!


Mr Rouke visited for storytime 
 at the end of the Spring term - March 2018

At the end of last term Mr Rouke the Headteacher of Lord Deramore's popped in to read a story about Copycub.

21st March - Easter egg competition winners announced


Our mystery judge had to work very hard to choose our winners.

Well done everyone!


Thank you to everyone that gave donations as part of the Easter egg competition. We have raised £43!!

We have our timers!! Thank you.

The children have enjoyed playing and looking at them today. Even the boxes they came have been used; in our texture play the boxes made great shakers.

Thank you once again.


Competition time - Eggspress yourself!

Decorate a paper egg - adult and children's entries welcome.

We are raising money for a timer set for the children. Please make a voluntary donation to enter if possible, but do enter anyway!!

Children's entries will be judged by the mystery judge (no staff or committee). They'll be looking for the child's own work.

The adult prize will go to the most amazing eggspression...

Entries in by Tuesday 20th March please so judging can take place! Results announced Wednesday 21st March. Good luck!

How eggsiting!

What we got up to last week - w/c 26th February 2018

1st MarchThe children made indoor snowmen yesterday and we displayed them for the parents\carers on collection.

The children enjoyed indoor snow play.

28th February Everyone enjoying the snow today!

Snow men are quite small as wind chill meant we were only out for 20min!

Warm socks needed!




This week - w/c 26th February 2018

We are looking forward to World book day.

We will be reading extra books all week with the children and hope you will join in with our Usborne book orders to replenish Pre-School's books.

Thanks Wendy


Last week - w/c Monday 19th February 2018

Last week our student Zain showed us pictures of her home - Bahrain

The children listened to her and spoke some words in Arabic copying Zain!


End of term - 9th February  2018

A short 5 week term!

Many thanks for all your lovely survey comments we are delighted to have such positive responses and appreciate you talk with staff on a daily basis too!

Please remember we love suggestions and there is a folder you can pop any ideas ( from snack ideas to play ideas!) in our SUGGESTIONS folder on the notice board.

Wendy Porter EYT QTS
Heslington Pre-School Manager

p.s. this week we've been mixing paint and discovering everything turns brown!



End of week message - 26th January/Week commencing 29th January 

The children really enjoyed the post office at Pre-School this week. Next week it is being transformed into a fruit and veg shop with real fruit and veg to weigh and play with.

There are many different ways to mark make with children. Mark making this week will be using a whiteboard.


Week commencing 15th January
Welcome to all our new starters we are a very busy pre-school now!

We had some wonderful still life paintings in watercolour by the children this week.

Our fabulous new mobilo is being enjoyed by the children. Thank you to everyone for raising funds.


A big thank you to all the teddy givers!! We made £138 on the teddy tombola - amazing!! 

Thank you from Wendy and her team.

***What this space for overall total we have raised at the school fair - to be announced soon...***

End of term activities

The children have had a brainstorming session last week and shared all their ideas about things that they think of when talking about Christmas. Trees, baubles and snow featured as well as many other ideas.

From their contributions the next three weeks will be full of crafts and decoration making - following and developing their lead.

Glitter alert everyone!!

A newsletter will be out shortly with details of the children's Christmas party on the last day of term - Friday 22nd December.


Masonic Charitable Foundation visit 

We had a visit on Thursday 30th November from the Masonic Charitable Foundation to present us with the £4000 grant that we have been awarded.Thank you https://www.facebook.com/themcf/


Co-op Community fund presentation

What a brilliant morning on Saturday 25th November at the Co-op Hull Road. The Pre-school officially accepted £3946.68 from the Local Community Fund. We are so amazed by the figure that has been raised. A special thank you to the local community and to the Co-op. This will allow us to install a piece of outdoor equipment and to use this money towards the outdoor area in the future.


This week at Pre-school - w/c 13th November

- We will be continuing our enjoyment of the changing season with leaf pictures and outdoor forrages for leaves and autumnal resources.

- We will have lots of outdoor play - our outdoor area has had a revamp and the children are discovering what artificial grass is!

- Please look out for our fabulous Christmas cards created from the children's work.

- Our new staff member Claire joins us on Monday.

And finally....
- Mr Rourke (Lord Deramore's headteacher) hopes to join the children to read a story on Thursday afternoon.


Welcome back after half term - what's on this week?

- We'll be looking at the story - Frances the Firefly. This is about keeping safe on fireworks night.
- We'll be remembering bonfire night..was it noisy?

We hope everyone enjoys their free Bookstart book. (The books have mostly gone out it takes a few weeks till everyone is in to get one!)

We are reading it in preschool too and the children love joining in with fierce toothy faces. Does your child know the alligators name and who found the teeth?


What to look forward to this week - w/c 16th October:

1. Halloween crafts.
2. We will be looking at the colour orange. This is always fascinating to look at with the kids - with it being a colour and a fruit.
3. Possibly pumpkin play!

***Remember we close on Thursday 26th October for half term the same as Lord Deramore's School.***

Thursday 19th October -  Joe and Andy from CBEEBIES Show

We went to see Joe and Andy from CBEEBIES today.

Our little crew sat very well and had their hands up to join in answering questions, cheered, booed and laughed uproariously! We all had a dance at the end too!

Tuesday 17th October - Welcome to Claire!


Claire is our new member of staff who will be joining the team in November!

Claire joined us on today for a settling visit and helped the children make shakers using bottles and various fillings. The children had lots of fun shaking them at the end!

Claire is an experienced practitioner with lots of ideas! We are delighted to welcome her into the Pre-School family!


What to look forward to this week - w/c 16th October:

1. Cbeebies show on Thursday 19th October.

2. The children will be filling bottles with liquids and dry items to create a set of shakers to use as a resource in Pre-School (no more bottles needed thank you).

3. We will be thinking about who we are, and the children will be making a wall display of their birthdays.

4. A little bit of pirate fun. We were given a new pirate outfit by a kind parent this week and want to sustain the children's interest with a little treasure map making and using the p sound for pirate ppp (using The Jolly Phonic system).


For older news items, please click here

Autumn 2018

How can you help at the Christmas fair fundraising??

We are looking for Teddies - for our Teddy tombola!! 
(In clean and good condition.)

Teddies needed!!!

***Raffles prizes needed***


We are asking for donations for our Christmas raffle. Examples of donations could be chocolates, games, perfume, unwanted Christmas bits etc. Or do you work somewhere where they could offer a donation?

Don't forget to return your raffle ticket sales by Thursday 6th December!!!

Christmas Fair coming soon....

Friday 7th December 2018 at Lord Deramore's School. 5.30pm- 7.30pm

***Are you able to spare us anytime on Friday 7th December at the Christmas fair?

We are looking for helpers. Even if it's just half an hour to sell some raffle tickets or look after a stall. Please sign up at preschool.

Any questions please just ask.

Thanks for your support.***

Can you help - please sign up!


Summer fundraising 2018

***Thank you to everyone that attended and donated towards the Summer Community Fair. We hope you had a fabulous afternoon, we did!!! The Pre-School raised £350 - thank you everyone!!***

See the fundraising page for more detail.

****Watch out for updates on Facebook!!!****

Christmas Fair coming soon....

Friday 7th December 2018 at Lord Deramore's School. 5.30pm- 7.30pm

                TERM DATES 2018-19

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Mon 5th Nov 2018 - Fri 21st Dec 2018

Spring Term:
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Mon 4th Mar 2019 - Fri 12th Apr 2019

Summer Term:
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Mon 3rd Jun 2019 - Fri 19th July 2019

2018-2019 Teacher Training Days and Bank Holidays
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"It's fun to come to pre-school and play with the tracks when I'm here!"
"I like spiders and butterflies"
"I like going to see the donkeys"