Heslington Pre-School is run by a committee of volunteers, who support the Pre-School Manager Wendy and her team in the day-to-day running of the setting.  The committee is mostly comprised of parents of children who attend (or have attended) the Pre-school.  We are always grateful to hear from other parents who would like to get more involved in helping to run the nursery or to raise much-needed funds.  

The Fundraising Team hold a number of great events throughout the year, including a fabulous Christmas Raffle; a stall at the Christmas Fair at Lord Deramore's School; a Spring Fair; and the Annual Pea Hunt (a firm favourite for the children!)  

Heslington Pre-School is a Registered Charity (No. 1018521) and is always grateful for donations and support to enable us to provide a fabulous experience for the children in our care.  Please visit our Facebook page for more information on upcoming events: Heslington Pre-School Fundraising.  
 Chair:  Helen Ward
 Treasurer:  Majimcha Nobel-de Lange
 Secretary:  Heather Hawkins
 Health & Safety:  Mark Moncaster
 Fundraising: Laura Chadwick
 Website:  Ruth Ralph
 General: Amy Benjamin
 Fiona Macdonald
 Jenny Precious-Young