Heslington Pre-School is an Ofsted-registered (No. 321542), Committee run pre-school situated in the village of Heslington in the City of York.  Our childcare staff are experienced and highly-qualified, and are committed to providing a friendly and fun learning environment.  We are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (No. 22888).  Heslington Pre-School is a Registered Charity (No. 1171372).
Heslington Pre-School was rated as 'GOOD' overall by Ofsted in their most recent assessment (November, 2014).

Heslington Pre-School opened in 1964 as a playgroup in the community.  It has been operating since with a succession of dedicated committees.  Since 2001 it has operated in one room on a site shared with Lord Deramore's, a thriving multi-cultural primary school.  The Pre-School has access to its own outdoor play area.  There is also some access to the School's outdoor facilities, including extensive green open space and wooded areas.  

Special visit 

We had a visit from Mrs Cindy Ewen who has provided Pre-School with items for the children to make junk models for about ten years popped in to say goodbye. The children had made a castle for our recycling Queen out of junk and painted it a lovely pink.

Thank you Cindy!


New vacancy - Pre-School Supervisor
See our Careers page.


Masons fundraising information shared - please cast your vote

Find information on how to vote on the Fundraising page.


End of Summer term newsletter issued
If you haven't got your copy - just ask.

  • Thank you to families
  • AGM invite - 7pm 12th September 
  • End of term party - 25th July
  • The big clean - toy cleaning
  • 30 hours funding information
  • Plant and cake sale update
  • Co-op fund update
  • Pea hunt
  • Farewell to children going to school

Plant and Cake sale
Final amount raised announced:
Thank you everyone!


First few butterflies away today!!


First butterflies hatch!


**Please read the Summer Term newsletter**

22/05/2017 - Summer term newsletter issued and information included on how you can support our Co-op local community fund.

Don't forget to go on-line and select us as your local fund see link below to our Co-op page:


For older news items, please click here


End of term party 25th July 2017

We have Rosie Rainbow coming along to give us a magic show! There is no additional cost for the session, even if it isn’t a day your child attends. Usual drop off at 8.55am and collect at 11.55am.

Pea Hunt

The children have been absolutely fantastic in spotting the peas and so have the staff in counting them all! The final amount raised is as yet unknown, so watch the noticeboard for updates and remember to bring any sponsor money in by the end of term!

Caterpillars t
urning into butterflies

Below is one of our nets the butterfly's will eventually hatch in, but first we anticipate the arrival of our teeny weeny caterpillars which we will watch grow and form their pupae then transform into Painted Lady butterflies which we will set free. We will be thinking about how things grow and change.

Planting and Growing 

The sunflower seeds in the picture above are all part of our 'Planting and Growing' theme at Pre-School. We are at present growing peas in the garden and a quantity of fresh herbs.

This term we will add Sunflowers to our gardening efforts and see just how tall they grow!

Watch out for updates on Facebook!!!

***Date for your diary***

Tuesday 12th September 7pm - 
Annual General Meeting 

TERM DATES 2016-17

Autumn Term
Wed 7th Sept 2016 - Fri 21st Oct 2016
Tue 1st Nov 2016 - Fri 16th Dec 2016

Spring Term:
Thur 5th Jan 2016 - Fri 17th Feb 2017
Wed 1st Mar 2017 - Fri 7th Apr 2017

Summer Term:
Mon 24th Apr 2017 - Fri 26th May 2017
NOTE: Pre-School closed on Mon 1st May 2017
Tue 6th Jun 2017 - Tue 25th July 2017

TERM DATES 2017-18

Autumn Term
Tue 5th Sept 2017 - Thur 26th Oct 2017
Mon 6th Nov 2017 - Fri 22nd Dec 2017

Spring Term:
Tue 9th Jan 2018 - Fri 9th Feb 2018
Mon 19th Feb 2018 - Fri 23rd Mar 2018

Summer Term:
Mon 9th Apr 2018 - Fri 25th May 2018
NOTE: Pre-School closed on Mon 7th May 2018
Tue 5th Jun 2018 - Fri 20th July 2018


"It's fun to come to pre-school and play with the tracks when I'm here!"
"I like spiders and butterflies"
"I like going to see the donkeys"