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  • Pre-school supervisor (Covering for Maternity leave)
  • Key Person


    • International diploma in Montessori pedagogy, Montessori Centre International, London
    • BA in accounting, Xi'an Technological University, Xi’an, china 
    Date joined the Pre-School community:

    April 2019

    • I like singing sing-along songs and reading books with rhythms (like Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler’s books) when we sit together. I believe these rhyming words will encourage every child to join in and chant happily with the others together.  This is good for children’s language skill development and for them to feel being involved in a big group.

    • I also like to introduce physical activities to children, like dancing, yoga, physical games or just running, jumping, hopping, skipping outside. I believe that physical exercises help children to not only develop body control and strong muscles, but also to create a calm mind.

    Likes to play:

    I love seeing children being creative with their imaginations, in activities such as junk modelling, storytelling with puppets and pretend play. During these activities the children have the chance to talk and express their ideas, find ways to solve problems and have fun.

    I also like letting children play in the natural environment. I like to see them observing how an ant can crawl, counting a spider’s legs or a ladybird’s spots, smelling herbs planted in the garden or just listening to the bird’s singing.

    Favourite books:

    ‘Superworm’: I like the story as it has rhyming words to set the pace and the illustration is very detailed and beautiful. Children can experience various emotions as the story unfolds. They may feel excitement, panic, worry (when the superworm gets caught by lizard and crow) and happiness. The superworm always helps others. When he needs help, the others in the tale give him a hand. The story shows us warm relationships in a lovely community. We can achieve more when everyone works together (team work). At the end of story, it is enjoyable to see lots of interesting ways to play with the ’super’ worm.

    I believe children play best when:

    Children feel secure and happy in a well-prepared and friendly environment. I follow their interests and support their needs as they progress, I plan activities and prepare the environment. Planning and providing experiences helps them learn with pleasure (which helps children remember for a longer time), I look forward to bringing out their inner selves.