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  • Deputy Manager
  • SENCo
  • Admissions Secretary
  • Key Person
  • BA Educational Leadership and Children's Workforce
  • Level 3 Early Years Care and Education
  • Accredited SENCo

Date joined the Pre-School Community: 2008

Specialities: I love to draw pictures for the children to colour or paint.  I have drawn numerous pictures for the display walls to go alongside the children's amazing pictures.  I drew the aliens for the children out of the book 'Aliens in Underpants' but I found it hard to keep up with demand as the children loved them so much.

Likes to play: Playing is an amazing tool to interact with the children on all levels.  Any type of play can be adapted for all the children to be included and have fun.  My favourite play is when we play with natural resources outside.  To experience children's imagination when for example a stick becomes a drum stick, a cooking utensil, a walking stick or an aeroplane is just fascinating and a real privilege to be part of this experience.

Favourite books: 
  • Aliens in Underpants: is a funny book about some cheeky little aliens who venture through people's washing looking for underpants to steal and play in.  They use them as a trampoline and a slide to name a few of their antics.  The book just makes me laugh, and it also makes the children laugh as it is so unreal, or is it?!
  • The Rainbow Fish: is such a lovely story about making friends.  The Rainbow Fish is bright and colourful with lovely sparkly scales.  The fish learns that sharing and making friends is a nice thing to do.  We act the story out with the children who give away sparkly scales to all the children in preschool and everyone becomes friends and joins in together.  This is a fun way to show how important and easy making friends can be.  
I believe children play best when...: They are happy and secure in their environment.  The children are given endless possibilities to play, during structured and non-structured opportunities throughout the session.  We very much encourage each and every child to communicate verbally or non-verbally during play, and their thoughts and suggestions are a valuable asset to enhance their play further.  By listening and responding to the child's individual interests it allows them to take ownership in their play and learning experiences.  Any communication during play is valued and responded to appropriately.