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  • Manager

  • Safeguarding Lead

  • Key person

  • Early Years Teacher (Best Practice 2013)
  • University Degree &PGCE (QTS)
  • NVQ in Early Years Care and Education
  • Paediatric First Aid Qualification
  • Level 2 Food Hygiene
  • 16 Years’ experience with Pre-School

Date joined the Pre-School Community: 

  • Making fresh play dough then letting the children experience it when it is still a little warm. Their expression when touching it when it is warm for the first time is fascinating and rewarding!

  • Counting everything from toes to rainbows!     

  • Becoming a dinosaur, fairy, frog or anything in play with the children.

  • Drinking many imaginary cups of tea or cakes baked by budding imaginary bakers.

  • Dramatic renditions of stories.


Favourite books:

  • Find The Duck. I love to see children tuning into looking for the duck. Their excitement as they understand the process is to find Duck on each page is beautiful. This prompts an early interest in reading.

  • Come on Daisy!  A tale of a small duck who learns to stay with her grown up. 

  • The Supertato series of books: great adventures for vegetables. I love to “Mwahhaha” like the evil pea.

I believe children play best when...:

The environment is provided for them to play safely.

When they have settled well and are able to explore.

When learning is play, and play is fun.